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Fresno Valves & Castings has been one of the primary gate designers and manufacturers in the United States since 1982. Our remarkably fast lead times, and the quality of our products have established an outstanding reputation for our gates. Contact us today for a quote. Fill out the form below, or contact our Fabricated Gates Sales Manager, Rich Korbe.

Fabricated Slide & Weir

Slide Gates can be mounted to head walls or channels and are used in situations where cost effective flow control of water is desired. The gate slides up to permit the flow of water underneath the gate.

Weir gates are designed to slide down in order to maintain upstream water levels or provide a better view of water flowing across the gate.


Radial gates (also known as Tainter gates) have a large convex surface which dams the upstream flow of water. The gate is supported by radial arms attached at either side that are mounted to trunnions which allow the gate to pivot up and down. This design allows economical construction and operation of gates which need to control the flow of water in large openings.


Overshot gates (also known as pivoting weir gates) are used to control upstream water levels. In principal, they are similiar to a sliding weir gate, but instead of sliding down, the gate pivots on a hinge attached at the bottom of the gate.

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Fresno Valves & Castings has the ability to engineer and fabricate virtually any type of water control gate. Get in touch with our gate sales department with the form below to see how we can engineer a solution that fits your project's needs.

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