Pouring Capabilities

The following table outlines the alloys that our foundry pours on a regular basis. In addition to the alloys listed below, our foundry has the capability to pour virtually any copper alloy to suit our customers' needs.

CDA Spec Class Also Known As Description
C84400 Leaded Semi-Red Brass 81-3-7-9;
Valve Metal
The most popular copper alloy in the US for plumbing markets. Good machinability and pressure tightness.
C83600 Leaded Red Brass 85-5-5-5;
Ounce Metal;
Composition Metal
The most commonly cast copper alloy worldwide. Primarily used in plumbing applications due to it's corrosion resistance and pressure tightness.
C87500 Silicon Brass 82-4-14;
Used in applications where high strength and corrosion resistance are required. Has a good castability as well.
C99500 Special Alloy NDZ-S Special Nondezincification alloy which resists the leakage of zinc in certain types of water. This variant also has a high yield strength.
C89836 Bismuth Bronze Bismuth Tin Bronze Generally used as an alternative to red brasses for lead free plumbing applications.
C92200 Leaded Tin Bronze 88-6-1-4;
Navy "M" Bronze;
Steam Bronze
Typically used for corrosion resistant mechanical parts exposed to high pressures and temperatures up to 550°F
C86500 Manganese Bronze Manganese Bronze (65k psi) The most popular alloy for propeller components and other parts in contact with salt and fresh water.
C90300 Tin Bronze 88-8-0-4;
Tin Bronze;
Navy "G" Bronze
Used for parts where high wear resistance is desired such as bearings, gears, and piston rings. Can be used in pressure-retaining applications at temperatures up to 500°F
C87600 Silicon Bronze Low Zinc Silicon Brass Typically used for valve stems.
C86300 Manganese Bronze Manganese Bronze (110k psi);
High-Strength Yellow Brass
Used for extra heavy-duty mechanical parts in non-corrosive atmospheres.