Series 1100 Stainless Steel Media Filters

Flow-Guard Media Filters provide superior filtration in any irrigation application. Utilizing three-dimensional filtration through media bed with a large surface area has proven to be the most effective and reliable way to remove both organic and inorganic contaminant loads from irrigation source water. The combination of stainless steel construction and flow balanced under drain, create an extremely efficient and durable filter suitable for even the most difficult applications. Lightweight, easy to install and less expensive to ship than conventional models.

Durable Stainless Steel Construction

Flow-Guard utilizes stainless steel throughout the tank construction, including the underdrain’s wedge-wire elements and lateral arms. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and lightweight yet still has a significant strength- to-weight advantage over many other materials. The Flow- Guard underdrain has no plastic parts to break or cross- thread and no false or epoxy cake bottom to damage or break due to hydraulic stress. Durable all stainless steel construction encourages a lifetime of reliable service.

Increased Backwashing Efficiency

A unique Flow-Balanced underdrain is the key to Flow- Guard’s impressive backwash efficiency. The underdrain has multiple ports evenly distributed beneath the media bed. The corresponding flow “zones” provide a uniform lift and cleansing of the entire media bed, enabling shorter, less frequent backwash cycles, lower energy costs and more efficient use of your irrigation water.

Less Maintenance

Flow-Guard Media Filters deliver reliable, low maintenance filtration. Simple, easy to follow seasonal start-up and shut-down procedures help to ensure trouble-free operation throughout the growing season. The Flow- Guard underdrain system is easily serviceable through the top and bottom access ports.

Name Size
Installation Instructions (es) 2.1 MB
Installation Instructions 2.1 MB
Technical Data Sheets 1.7 MB