Flow-Guard Filtration Products

Filters are essential when it comes to protecting irrigation systems and maintaining efficiency. Suspended solids need to be removed to prevent the clogging of piping, valves, nozzles and emitters; particularly with drip irrigation and micro sprinkler systems. In response to growers’ needs to protect their irrigation systems, Fresno Valves introduced the Flow-Guard filtration product line in 1986. The dependability and exceptional quality of its products have quickly turned Flow-Guard into an industry leader in water filtration. Each filter is entirely made in California’s Central Valley, and is thoroughly supervised to meet our high quality standards.

Flow-Guard Media Filters

Media Filters

Media filters are effective in applications where the water source contains organic contaminants like algae and moss, and inorganic contaminants like sand and rocks. Sand media filters have the advantage of a bed of sand which provides depth filtration, therefore they are usually the preferred filtration method.

Flow-Guard Gravity Screen Filters

Gravity Screen Filters

Gravity screen filters are designed for use on systems with gravity flow water sources. They can be used as primary filters or as pre-filters for sand media filters. Gravity screen filters may also be used to filter out large volumes of debris for water recycling, or to meet environmental water discharge standards.

Flow-Guard Pressurized Screen Filters

Pressurized Screen Filters

Pressurized screen filters are a cost-effective method of removing solids from groundwater. They are not recommended for removing organic contaminants such as algae and moss.

Flow-Guard Strainers


Strainers effectively capture sand and other materials, preventing potential downstream problems. However, they are recommended as a secondary or as a backup filtration method only, and they are often used as added protection for sand media filter systems.

Flow-Guard Sand Separators

Sand Separators

Sand separators are used to remove sand and other fine solids from water. They are often used as a pre-filter on irrigation systems, and they should be followed by a secondary filter to remove finer particles.

Flow-Guard Backflush Recycle System

Backflush Recycle System

Backflush recycle systems filter and support the recycling of some of the backflush water created by sand media filter systems. Efficiency is dependent on the size and the types of contaminants. They can prevent problems caused by excessive backwash water.