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Series 6600 Model 101C Slide Gate

Pressure Rating Installation Options

      Gate Size     Maximum seating
            6" - 24"      23'  (10 psi)
          30" - 36"     11'  (4.8 psi)
          42" - 48"       9'  (3.9 psi)
          54" - 60"       6'  (2.6 psi)

*Used where pressure is in seating direction only!



Series 6600 Slide Gate is normally installed on corrugated steel pipe or bolted to a concrete head wall.  When attaching to corrugated pipe, you may either bolt directly to the spigot back seat, or use a rod and harness assembly. Frame angles available painted, galvanized or stainless steel.

Cast Iron or bronze seating surfaces.

Rising Stem and non-projecting stem extensions.

Stainless Steel stem and fasteners.

Flat back for headwall or flange mounting.

Spigot back for mounting to corrugated pipe.

Tapered setting collars for concrete pipe installations.

Square bottom slide.