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Series 6000 - 10C Flap Gate

Pressure Rating Installation Options
Maximum seating head    10' (4.5 psi)



The Series 6000 Flap Gate is normally installed on corrugated steel pipe or bolted to a concrete head wall or a steel flange.  When attached to a corrugated steel pipe, the spigot back style seat is used.  This style seat allows for a simple bolted connection to the pipe or the use of a rod and lug harness assembly to mount the gate to the pipe.  In either case a mastic is used to seal the joint.

When mounted to a concrete headwall, the flat back style seat is used in conjunction with embedded anchor bolts to locate, align and support the gate.  A one inch space between the seat and concrete is grouted after the gate has been mounted on the anchor bolts.  The flat back style seat can also be machined and drilled to match a partial pattern of a standard 25 lb. or 125 lb. flange.

Flat back for headwall or flange mounting.

Spigot back for corrugated pipe.

Bronze seating surfaces.

Stainless steel links, bushings and fasteners.

Special coatings.